Tactical Support Unit

Tactical Support Unit

The latest addition to Simon Protection, the TSU Division, is the special event and festival security resource to guard against the threat of international and domestic terrorism in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Committed to deterrence and event safety, this team of highly trained counterterrorism agents is equipped and ready to respond to terrorist and active-assailant attacks at events. 

The TSU Division reviews possible event terrorist targets and develops innovate, forward-thinking procedures and strategies to guard against attacks, training event security officers and other event staff and developing capabilities for detecting and preventing terrorist attacks. Our TSU division works with federal, state, and other law enforcement agencies in intelligence gathering and sharing, and plays an integral role in event safety.

The Tactical Support Unit (TSU) is Simon Protection’s event and festival first line of defense against a terrorist-related attack. Often times, smaller events will not hire police officers or don’t have the budget to hire tons of officers, so the event goes either unprotected or protected with minimum public safety officers. We provide a cost-effective solution with a cadre of hand-selected security agents, with prior law enforcement or military defense experience.

TSU security officers are devoted to counterterrorism and are trained to respond swiftly, with sufficient expertise and force, to the most highly organized and heavily armed attacks. All TSU team members are trained in special weapons and long-range guns, explosive trace detection, biological and chemical weapons awareness, and are equipped with the skills to detect an impending attack and utilize the best possible response to an emerging situation, prior to law enforcement arrival.

The team is deployed to events where the organizers desire an on-site Emergency Response Team (ERT), either in uniform or plain clothes to disrupt and deter terrorist planning or attack.

Our ERT can be a compliment to existing security programs or act as a stand alone component.


  • Visual Deterrent
  • Identify and respond to security emergencies, including in-progress acts of violence, explosive incidents, and weapons incidents
  • Conduct covert surveillance
  • Assist our Executive Protection agents
  • Render appropriate first aid to injured persons of a major incident

Specialized Training

TSU operators are trained in Close Quarters Combat (CQC), and personnel extraction and rescue. Additionally, our team members must:

  • Maintain proficiency in the use of all assigned protective equipment, restraint devices, and firearms
  • Complete and remain current
  • Participate and maintain good physical condition and strength training
  • Participate in team training scenarios and exercises on a monthly basis

The team has body armor, ballistic helmets and a ballistic shield.