School Security


Not only does SIMON Protection provide around-the-clock security services for businesses and corporate offices, but for schools as well. Our school security expertise ranges from school buildings, dorms, libraries, and graduation ceremonies. From kindergarten to college, we have the expertise necessary to provide the security your students and faculty deserve.


We provide experienced officers to act as the first line of defense against criminal activity and theft. Our guards are trained to liaise with local law enforcement when needed and possess the tact and professionalism to interact daily with students, threatening individuals, and the general public. We are committed to maintaining a strong presence in schools of all types, all shapes and sizes, and all grade levels.

These are some of the many ways that security guards keep schools safe:

  • Survey school areas for suspicious behavior
  • Monitor areas for illegal activity
  • Divert dangerous situations
  • Patrol schools on foot or in vehicles
  • Listen to the safety concerns of students and faculty
  • Investigate signs of damage and unlawful entry
  • Collaborate with local law enforcement on matters