Intellectual and Anti-Piracy Investigations

Intellectual Property and Anti-Piracy Investigations

SPG conducts investigations involving intellectual property issues including counterfeiting, piracy, patent infringement, and trademark and copyright infringement. 

Art, music, films, toys, computer hardware and software, pharmaceuticals, designer apparel and accessories, watches, and sporting equipment are all vulnerable to counterfeiting and our investigators can identify and develop intelligence on the perpetrators involved. 

Our team of undercover operatives work to infiltrate counterfeiting rings by impersonating as buyers and suppliers to collect evidence. Our partnerships with domestic and foreign law enforcement and customs authorities help with interdiction and impounding of counterfeit goods. 

If you suspect Industrial espionage and theft of proprietary information and trade secrets, SPG can advise on the best methods for protecting company trade secrets, investigate current and former employees suspected of violating non-compete agreements.