College and University Investigations

College & University Investigations

SPG Investigators are very experienced at digging deep! That experience carries over to our premier due diligence and timely new hire investigations. Colleges and Universities that are considering a new hire for a high-profile institutional leadership roles should consider our micro-focused fact-finding investigations, with include Title IX, that can help prevent reputation damage and maintain the academic integrity of the institution.

SPG helps colleges, universities, and other higher learning institutions mitigate risk through the hiring process by investigating candidates and can accurately analyze educational backgrounds, credentials, reputation, and track records. We work at clearing a candidate or finding potential discrepancies or undisclosed vulnerabilities. We assess the accuracy of a candidate’s representations as to their experience and capabilities and will immediately flag any areas of concern.

Title IX Investigations

Title IX investigations are very sensitive and can potentially be very traumatic for the complainant. SPG is committed to discretion and confidentiality and develops accurate and reliable information regarding allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence on campus.