Event Safety Team

Event Safety Team

Whether a large event is taking place or a company needs to protect and secure its facility, Las Vegas security guards are necessary. SIMON Protection Agents are trained to maintain ordinance in the area, so whether a product launch is taking place or important goods are produced behind closed doors in a warehouse, the help and assistance of SP’s trained security staff is a valuable addition to any company team.

Certain jobs call for armed security service, while others situations are better handled with unarmed security services. At SP, we can help you decide which type of security service best suits your needs.


Comprised of security officers whose focus is on counter-terrorism prevention and response. SP has specially trained security officers who make up the Quick Reaction Team (QRT) and additional personnel who make up the Observation Team, who has the responsibility of controlling access points, patron identification and unique deployments, based upon the location of the event.

Observation Team

Dressed in either uniform or plain clothes, with the goal of incident/crime prevention, our OTs are hired as another layer of security. When hired to work the same event as our QRT teams, the OT provides critical information to the QRT, i.e. suspicious subjects, counter-surveillance, and unattended packages, etc. The QRT, in turn, responds to the incident or suspicious subject.

Specialized Training

QRT operators are trained in Close Quarters Combat (CQC), and personnel extraction and rescue. QRT operators are dressed in special security uniforms and have immediate access to ballistic gear in the event of a terrorist attack. The team has body armor, ballistic helmets and a ballistic shield.