Drone Operations


Our sUAS Pilots supplement our security teams or add to your existing security operations to reduce and deter threats, survey large areas and respond more effectively to intruders. SKYVISUAL™ is a part of Simon Protection’s Special Operations Unit, which includes Explosive Detection K9s, Undercover Operatives and Uniformed Officers. We bring decades of operational experience in law enforcement, military, public safety and security operations. SKYVISUAL’s team of trained pilots and support personnel help develop efficient and effective public safety drone operations. 

SKYVISUAL™ sUAS is an indispensable tool and gives security operations the tactical advantage by providing a superior aerial view, even in 100% darkness utilizing thermal imaging. Our drone cameras can also provide a live feed to stationary or CCTV security cameras. Stakeholders can use this to their advantage to monitor perimeters and traffic in parking lots, entrance areas and rooftops. 

Event Support

  • Event Surveillance/Logistical Monitoring
  • Fully-Encrypted video feed streaming
  • Pre-Event Mapping 
  • Tethered and Deployable Drones
  • Drone Detection
  • Intruder Response
  • Scene Overwatch

Our Primary Aircraft: Matrice 210

Our mission critical Matrice 210 aircraft has a flexible payload with dual gimbals which allows our pilots to carry two cameras side-by-side, allowing for simultaneous color video and infrared imaging or it can be equipped with a 10,000 lumen tactical spotlight that can light an area up 500 feet away. The M210 has a durable body and can withstand winds up to 26 mph, fly in light rain, has a max speed up to 51mph, and a flight time of approximately 25 minutes with a full payload, all while detecting and avoiding obstacles (above, below, and in front). 


The M210 is equipped with:

  • Wingsland Z15 Gimbal Spotlight
  • Radiometric FLIR thermal imaging sensors
  • Précised sUAS navigation with onboard obstacle-avoidance sensors
  • Zenmuse 30x Zoom Camera
  • Chamelon Chemical Detection Armbands
  • Drop Systems (as requested)
  • P.A. System
 Our Secondary Aircraft: Mavic 2 Pro