Explosive Detection Canines

K9 Counter Terrorism Unit

Simon Protection’s Counter Terrorism Unit, specializes in Explosive Detection Canines.  Our K9s work in area like sports venues, areas, and festivals to cargo facilities, corporate building/functions, and special political events. Committed to deterrence and event safety, our team of highly trained counterterrorism K9 teams are equipped and ready for  event sweeps, active patrols and suspicious device and package response.

CTU works with local, state, and federal agencies to assess and review possible event terrorist targets and develops forward-thinking procedures and strategies to guard against attacks. We constantly train our canine teams, maintaining a high level of proficiency as we work to develop new capabilities for detecting and preventing terrorist attacks. Because SPG K9  is part of Simon Protection Group, our event mission excellence is elevated by professionalism and a complete understanding of events, both large and small, that helps us maintain a safe and secure environment. 


All SPG K9 handlers must have a minimum of two years experience working a single or dual purpose dog in either the military, law enforcement, TSA or other qualified security firm. Our K9 teams are certified by multiple associations, i.e. NPCA (National Police Canine Association), Drug Beat, and California Post. Additionally, SPG K9 teams must maintain a high level of continuing education in Reality Based Training for K9s, which include crisis management and detection. SPG K9 requires all handlers to maintain extremely accurate training logs and require multiple hours of training each week. 



Our Explosive Detection Canines (EDC) can screen a vehicle approximately 3 times faster and more accurately than using a contract security officer. In addition to the heightened sense of security, the person being screen does not know if the screening is for narcotics or explosives or both. This method is safer, more efficient, and the most accurate.


Large venues such as stadiums, concert venues, arenas, or festivals are soft targets for terrorist activity due to high volumes of people. SPG K9 teams can secure your event with extreme security and heightened protection. In order to keep mass volume of people secure and safe, EDC protection is needed both inside and outside of the venue. Secure the entry and exit control points, storage areas, and conduct employee and parking lot screenings with EDC detection. Our handler teams have worked with large and small events and venues and excels at keeping large amounts of people safe. The presence of SPG K9s will provide your business, venue, and attendees a sense of protection and security.


Large businesses and corporations need optimal security. Whether it is a routine security check in, or for a large corporate event, SPG K9 will secure and protect your company and building. Screening in mailrooms and delivery vehicles is a requirement of most large corporations. With the usage of K9 detection dogs, the screening process is much more efficient and accurate compared to human investigation.


Railcars are an easy transportation option for criminals transporting explosives and narcotics, and the speed and large quantity railcars provide makes it harder to secure. With their keen sense of smell, SPG K9s are able to effectively and efficiently identify any narcotics or explosives that may be on board. Secure your railways with the help of drug and bomb dogs to mitigate risk.

Certain company policies require all rail cars entering the site have a security inspection. With the help of SPG K9, detector teams are more effective by saving the company time and increased accuracy of railcar screenings. Explosives in railcars would likely be concealed within the frame of the railcar, making a visual inspection impossible an unsafe without the help from the explosive sniffing dogs.

Our Training

Our 4,500 square foot training facility is modular in respect to being able to change the layout based on our  training goals. We not only focus on basic K9 maintenance, but we insure our handlers can handle different types of realistic scenarios that they may face in the field. We often incorporate air soft scenarios, inert explosive devices and more to mix up our normal training.