Since 2014, Simon Protection Group has focused on providing exceptional service to those we protect. SPG Worldwide continues its expansion with offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami. We are constantly seeking opportunities to expand our operations and will begin expansion to the Northeast in in the summer 2022. Different from our beginning days, we have rebranded and only offer high-level protection for celebrities, dignitaries, corporate executives, and other high-level or advanced security request. 

Jonathan Simon, C.E.O.

Experience That Counts

34+ years (…a message from our C.E.O.)

Since retirement from the LVMPD in 2014, I’ve been the C.E.O. of Simon Protection Group (SPG Worldwide), a private security and intelligence firm. Our headquarters is in Las Vegas with offices in Miami, Los Angeles and soon the DMV area.

My law enforcement experience began in 1988, when I entered the U.S. Air Force, and became a Security Policeman. After 5 years of active duty, I was honorably discharged, thrusting me into the life of a Police Officer in the Las Vegas Valley until my retirement as a Police Sergeant. 

During the first 5 years of operation, SPG serviced hundreds of clients with work ranging from major festivals & conventions to executive and VIP protection. In 2020, I stepped out on faith and completely changed the focus of our firm, losing millions in annual revenue from the contracts we had in place.

My heart kept going back to high-level protection and intelligence, so it was time to micro-focus in that space. Within 18 months, SPG would gain additional security licenses in Florida and California, with continued growth across the world. As we revive SPG, we’ll continue to work with security teams across the world in providing protection and intelligence for our clients abroad.

Protectors Above All | [Protectores Super Omnia]

While we can’t publicize most of our clients, a few notable names that we can share are:

  • Bernie Sanders
  • Kamala Harris
  • Over 30 U.S. Congressional Members
  • Mignon Clyburn (FCC Commissioner)
  • Colin Kapernick (NFL)
  • Josh Gates (Discovery)
  • Tobias Harris (NBA)
  • Trae Young (NBA)
  • Lionsgate
  • NBC Global
  • Warner Brothers
  • Ne-Yo 
  • BET Soul Train Awards
  • Latin Grammys
  • Billboard Music Awards
  • Day N Vegas
  • LG Displays